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Have clients said you’re the best of the best?  Then we should talk.  My Loan Underwriters is constantly on the lookout for licensed Mortgage Loan Originators to join our team.

When you join the My Loan Underwriters team you enter the most efficient, state of the art family in the field where you will consistently find yourself amongst the highest paid professionals in the industry. You will have access to an array of lenders (including but not limited to exclusive banking relationships) and have the ability for long term growth, security and the opportunity to move up the ladder as a mortgage expert. Here at My Loan Underwriters we strive to exceed our client’s expectations and provide top niche service, trust and competitive price.  We all work together and work collectively as team to achieve our goals.

You will receive support though our unique and innovative office Systems and specialized Team approach.  Unlike most mortgage brokers who work all by themselves, we have a team of specialists who have a specific role to play in the process of moving a loan package to closing.  Our loan processors are highly experienced which means a lot in our industry.  We have an interactive online engine which is the latest cutting edge technology, so you can focus on doing what’s most profitable and fun, helping borrowers get the best loan possible.

It might sound too good to be true but … IT’S NOT.

If you are bright, ambitious, hard-working, and serious about a full-time career and have the commitment and self-discipline to benefit from this unique opportunity then either contact us or fill out the following form today.

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