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Types of Loans AvailableBuying a new home and need to secure loan financing?  Traditional loan programs, investment programs, and relocation programs are all available.

*** We Have a Special Program for First Time Homebuyers – place as little as ½ Percent Down Payment ***

Refinance & Lower Your Rate

With market rates in a historically low range, we can explore rate reduction loans which save most clients $1000s.

Refinance & Consolidate Your Debt

Allows you to pay off existing debt such as credit cards and student loans. You may be able to lower your monthly payment or interest rates and possibly gain tax advantages.

Cash Out

A refinance that gives you cash back to do as you please. We have lenders that have no cap on the amount you can cash out.


We have portfolio loan programs designed for Jumbo loans up to $10 Million Dollars.


Is your property lower than the amount you own on the mortgage?  If you are upside down and your investor on your loan is Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac we may be able to refinance you and lower your payment.

VA Loans

100% Financing – No Down Payment on purchase loans.  Up to 90% Cash out and regular refinance.  No mortgage insurance.

Reverse Mortgages

Are you over the age of 62?  A Reverse Mortgage allows you to not have any mortgage payments for the rest of your life.  (That means no mortgage payments!) Call and get more details.

Can’t go Full Doc

Stated Programs are Available where you do not have to verify your income to qualify.

Less Than Perfect Credit

We have loan programs even if you have less than perfect credit – call and see if you qualify.

FHA Loans

3.5% Down.

Problems with your credit, excessive credit card debts, or difficulty verifying income due to being self-employed or other circumstances? WE CAN HELP. We believe you deserve a chance.

We have  loans available for owner occupied, 2nd homes, Investment properties, Flips, and more.

Are you self-employed?  We understand the special needs of the entrepreneur.   Make MLU your first stop prior to purchasing your property.  We can structure your transaction and help you prepare in advance – before you find the perfect property – to ensure that your escrow closes quickly and on time.

If you have been turned down or are working with a lender and they are taking too long to get back to you CALL US TODAY at 818.565.6212.

MLU conducts FREE pre-qualifications for all borrowers needing to purchase or refinance.  Listing Agents across Southern California use MLU to ensure buyers are secure and will qualify for loan financing.  MLU offers loan programs across the board.

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