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Once I found a property within my budget – it took us less than a few days to get the loan approved!

Michelle helped me to get my 1st property in the US. I had no prior knowledge of what are the requirements to get my loan approved, what should be my credit score, what should be my deposit and what level of income I should have. Initially I contacted Michelle jsut for informational purposes but she spent a substantial amount of time with me taking me through the process, explaining the procedure, helping me understand what I need as far as the deposit and helping to explain to me what I actually could afford and could not afford. Once I found a property within my budget and it took us less than a few days to get the loan approved, Michelle took care of all the administrative activities and always kept me updated on where we were in the process and if there was any additional documenation needed on my side. I would like to thank Michelle for being extremely available any any point of the time and being reliable, being helpful and most importantly understanding my case and my situation and helping me with my financial structure as well. This is not my last property I will buy with Michelle. I will always recommend Michelle to my friends and family and looking forward to our next engagement. Thank you Michelle Bendersky at My Loan Underwriters for your help.

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